"Dear Dr. Fiore, Given your attention to detail and perfection, I thought you would appreciate a recent event in my life of which you were the artist responsible for the finished product.

As a result of a recent job change, I was required to have my picture taken for the company's website and promotional literature. A professional photographer was hired and came to our offices in Newton for the picture taking. This firm has worked with my new company for many years and is well respected in the Metro-West area of Massachusetts. During the various poses I was required to take, the photographer commented that he was very impressed with my smile and what beautiful teeth I had. He said he could not believe that at almost 58 I had such wonderful looking teeth.

I came clean and told him of the extensive work that you completed over the three year period a few years back. He was shocked that the teeth were not real and further shocked how perfect they looked. As I have said before, I appreciate the work you completed for me, but I am sure hearing it from someone other than a patient makes it a little more meaningful.

Once again, thank you for your effort and attention to detail and perfection; it has made a difference."

- T.

"Dear Dr. Fiore, My dentures are just fine now as the day I got them, thanks to you and your great staff."

- R.


"My wife and I needed to find a new dentist. There are many dentists but finding a good one is difficult. Our retired dentist recommended Dr. Fiore and since we both needed some dental work we had Dr. Fiore do it. We found Dr. Fiore and his staff do good work with reasonable cost and a friendly attitude. We would gladly recommend Dr. Fiore and his staff to anyone seeking a dentist."

- H. and R.


"I love my tooth. Forget about Disney, this place is the greatest."


"Dr. Dr. Fiore and staff,

Many thanks for coming to my rescue. Not only did you prevent a whole lot of screaming drama on the plane, but you all did it with smiles, laughter and kindness. You were as wonderful as P. said you would be, and for that I am most grateful (actually I'm most grateful the pain is gone)."

- L.


"Dr. Fiore,

There aren't enough words to fully express my gratitude and appreciation for all you've done for me. Your skillful expertise and generosity makes both my face and my heart smile. Thank you."

- K.


"Dear Dr. Fiore,

Thank you very much for the Sonicare toothbrush…Now my (your) teeth are cleaner than ever!!!"

- C. from Everett


"If there were more people like you in the world…there'd be more smiles like mine! Thanks!"


"Dr. Fiore,

Can't thank you enough for the awesome job you did on my new teeth. They look fantastic."

- D.


"Dr. Fiore and fabulous associates… While sitting home the other evening, I couldn't help but wonder what your wonderful dental talents did for me: I came to you a man who would never smile | You made me a man who could | I came to you a man who would not laugh | You gave me back a man who could | I came to you a man with such despair | You gave me a man with new hope | I came to you a man with no joy in his voice | You gave me a man who could sing | I came to you a man with no joy in his heart | I hated my teeth for so long | You gave me back not a man | But a new man with a bright outlook"

- J. from Middleton


"Thank you for making time to see me promptly and for the excellent care. You always treat me great. I appreciate that! Thank you all. Be well."

- D. from Reading


"Good morning Terry, Maureen, Susan, and Kelly,

The doctors are blessed to have each of you. My impression is you work together like a well tuned engine (even liking each other!). Thank you for your warm greetings as I arrive. P.S. Where else would I get a personal bathroom escort?"

- M. from Reading


"Dear Dr. Fiore,

Thank you so much for all your efforts to fix my dental problem yesterday. I truly appreciate it. Dr. W. had mentioned about you as an excellent and knowledgeable specialist at dentistry. I had a wonderful time during the visit with you and your staff. Thank you!"

- J. from Stoughton


"Dear 'Dr. Bill,'

Thanks so much for my best Christmas gift - my smile! I'm so happy with the results. You and your staff were so gentle I hardly knew I was 'in the chair!' Thank you all for everything!

- L. from Chelmsford


"Dear Dr. Fiore,

I want to thank you for fixing my tooth! I am so happy with it and it looks great. You did an amazing job. I don't know how I could ever thank you enough."

- J. from Wakefield


"Thank you for all your patience and understanding during my last visit. For as long as I can remember going to the dentist was a painful, horrifying event. Thank you for showing me that times have changed."


"Dr. Fiore I was so impressed with you and your sense of professionalism. With all honesty I do thank you for taking the time to meet with me and making me feel so comfortable as we discussed my case. Also, please do thank your wonderful staff for me. Wendy was so kind to me the day that I was there and I did appreciate that very much. My dear mother used to say, an act of kindness is never forgotten. I believe that she was right. I pray that the kindness that I was shown that day in your office makes it way back to all of you over and over again. I cannot thank you enough."


"Dr. Fiore I have gotten so many compliments. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than a person's smile. Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile!"


"Thank you so much for the great dental restoration you performed on my teeth. I am so comfortable and happy about myself and my smile. I especially want to thank Terry for her patience, understanding and support through it all"


"Dr. Fiore just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the work you performed on my front teeth. The four tedious hours you endured has resulted in a miracle. You are a perfectionist and I am eternally grateful! I also want to thank your office staff. The efficiency and concern accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today's work world. The courtesy extended to me by your staff was impressive because of its rarity. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


"You and your assistants made me laugh and put me at ease - you cheered me up immensely, making the drilling, etc. much, much easier. You worked long and hard and deserve my heartfelt gratitude"


"Your work was masterful. I'm a happy camper now"